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Exercising in the Fall Splendor

on Tuesday, 25 September 2018. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

The withering summer heat has finally relented and there is the first stirring of a cool, dry breeze in the air. Already the leaves, once a pristine green, have now started to don their fall coats. If you’ve been sheltering in the safety of your air conditioning all summer, fall is the perfect time to start your outdoor exercise regimen back up.

Return to a routine. Exercise is about routine and the more of a routine you have, the better. With summer, you have vacations to work around, summer camps to plan and more. If you have kids out of school for the summer it can be even more hectic. Fall is a return to a settled routine, making it much easier to settle into yours.

Competitive events and sports leagues. It’s called the ‘lazy days of summer’ for a reason. Who wants to go out and play anything when the mercury is pushing through the roof? Fall brings with it plenty of events like marathons and the opportunity to sign up for sports leagues. It’s the perfect time for you to add a little competitive spice to your workouts.

The weather. It almost goes without saying, but we will anyway. The weather is crisp and clear and the foliage is beautiful. Why wouldn’t you want to be outside?

There may not be a better time of year to get out and get fit. Fall is fleeting, so don’t let the great weather and beautiful color pass you by!

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