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How to Keep Those Pesky New Year Resolutions

on Tuesday, 08 January 2019. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

Did you make a New Years’ Resolution? Most of us have. How long did you keep it? If you’re like most of us, the answer is not very long. It can be tough work sometimes, but if you’re determined to make a resolution this year, here are some ways to be certain you can keep it.

Be realistic. Take some time to examine what you can reasonably expect to accomplish this year. There’s no point in setting yourself up for failure. Pick resolutions you can achieve given your time and resources.

Set goals you really want. Before you put all the time and effort into meeting that New Years’ resolution, make sure you’re doing it for you and not for someone else. Not only will you be more likely to get it done, but you’ll end up a lot happier if you’re successful.

Create bite sized portions. Making major changes can seem so overwhelming that many of us opt not to even start. Don’t be intimidated. Instead, break your goal down into manageable chunks that you can handle.

Be persistent. You’ll have your down days. You’ll have days where you slip back into old habits without even thinking about it. Don’t be discouraged. Remember if it was easy, you’d have probably taken care of it by now.

Even though we may laugh at them sometimes, the idea behind New Years’ resolutions is a good one. It’s a brand new year, so why not start the year off right with a brand new you? Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a great chance to succeed.

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