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Leaf Art

on Tuesday, 10 October 2017. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

If you take a look outside in the fall, you can’t help but be dazzled by the gorgeous array of colors on display. If you’re an artist, you may even want to capture some of that beauty on canvas. Why not take it a step further and use the genuine colors themselves? That’s right. We’re talking about leaf art.

The beauty of this type of art is that you don’t even have to be an actual artist. Nature already has everything you need to create stunning masterpieces of your very own. Here are just a few of the many ways leaves can be used to make gorgeous art:

If you’re looking for decorating ideas for your next fall party, why not turn the colors of fall into equally colorful confetti?

Canvases can be expensive, so save some money by using leaves. A little paint and you’re all set to create.

 If you prefer to work with the natural beauty of leaves, you can preserve them using this handy wax technique from Martha Stewart.

With a color photocopier and some imagination, you can also turn some of those beautiful leaves into great looking wall art.

You don’t have to stop with traditional art either. You can use leaves to make all sorts of things from picture frames to headbands to holiday decorations. There are limitless possibilities.

There is no sense in letting nature’s bounty go to waste, so get out there and start creating. For more inspiration, check out these great projects on Pinterest.

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