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Save by Shopping with a List

on Tuesday, 19 September 2017. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

Have you been in the grocery store lately and stood in line behind someone who still has their trusty shopping list? It seems strangely old-fashioned these days, especially now that we have cell phones and gobs of information at our fingertips.

After we’ve checked out, we often notice that person in front of us had a lot more in their cart and seemed to pay less than we did. How did they manage it with a 1950’s-style list when we have more computing power in our back pocket than they had in the entire 20th century?

Making a list means making a plan. Taking time to sit down and make a list means you’re more likely to think through your potential purchases and focus on what you really need.

Making a list makes you take inventory. Got tuna? Eggs? Are you sure? If you’re creating a list, it’s far more likely you’ll check what you already have. You might be surprised what you have in the back corners of your pantry.

Making a list helps you resist impulse buying. These types of buys are the biggest reason our grocery bills get so bloated. Writing down that list means you’ve already thought through what you need, so it’s that much easier to ignore the siren call of that end cap display.

Lists aren’t just for grocery stores either. They can make life easier and cheaper for you no matter where you shop. So take a list with you next time and watch the savings add up.

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