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The Bigger Picture

on Tuesday, 05 December 2017. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

 It’s human nature to ponder the meaning of our existence. We question why we’re here or if we’re alone in the universe. We’re a very curious species. In ancient Greece, the great philosopher Socrates would gather like-minded thinkers in the marketplace to search for answers. But these days who has the time to stand around and debate the meaning of life?

Enter these humble podcasts: 

Onbeing. This Peabody award-winning podcast is about life and living. Featuring journalist Krista Tippett, and numerous guests, the show gathers wisdom on what it means to be human. The topics covered are as broad and varied as people are, from philosophy to current events to everything in between.

The One You Feed. This podcast, with hosts Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes, is based around a parable of two wolves. One of them is good and represents things like kindness, bravery and love. Its counterpart, the bad wolf, represents darker emotions like greed, hatred and fear. The duo explores the human condition to show listeners how to move in a positive direction - in other words, how to feed their good wolf.

Note to Self.  We live surrounded by technology, but do we really think about it beyond how to use it? How does it change how we interact with each other and how we think about the world? Host Manoush Zomorodi examines these questions and more.

If understanding yourself and others interests you, exploring these podcasts may help you find the answers you’re looking for. 

Good luck and happy listening.

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