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Great strength training program, injury prevention

"The All-Access Fitness Academy is a great facility, lots of open space, with a variety of exercises and equipment.  Dr. Lee Mancini’s Doctor of Fitness Summer strength & conditioning program is a great strength training program that also includes injury prevention.  Dr. Mancini is extremely knowledgable and gets the most out of us."

Spencer Resnick

2 time Doctor of Fitness Summer Strength & Conditioning Athlete
Shrewsbury High School – Varsity Baseball and Basketball Player
Varsity Baseball Mid Wach League Champions
Varsity Basketball Mid Wach League Champions

Dr. Mancini knows his stuff

"Dr. Lee Mancini’s Doctor of Fitness Summer strength & conditioning program is a good all around workout – speed, strength, agility, power, injury prevention – that gets you in shape for whatever sports you play.  Dr. Mancini and his staff are very qualified, he knows his stuff on how to push you to get stronger and to prevent injuries."

Brett Mikolajczyk

2 time Doctor of Fitness Summer Strength & Conditioning Athlete
Shrewsbury High School – Football, Basketball, and Baseball player
Played Varsity football as a freshman
Midwach League A Division 1 Basketball Champions

Stronger, faster, more prepared from knee injury

"The Doctor of Fitness Summer Program is a great way to stay in shape and it’s fun!  Dr. Mancini and his training staff are well educated and know how to push you to reach your maximum fitness.  They make working out fun and challenging.  I was always excited to go each day.  Dr. Mancini and his strength and conditioning program helped me come back stronger, faster, and more prepared from a knee injury for my soccer season."

Julie Hamilton

4 time Doctor of Fitness Strength and Conditioning program participant
Shrewsbury High School Varsity soccer and lacrosse player
2010 Varsity Soccer Division 1 Midwach A District Champs and State Finalists
2011 Varsity Soccer Division 1 Midwach A District Finalists

Increases in strength, form, technique

"Dr. Lee Mancini has much experience with strength and conditioning coaching. His program has had so much success since he pioneered it because of his knowledge of all sports as well as his work with injured athletes. He has been able to incorporate the most effective exercises into a workout for students ranging from middle school to the collegiate level. Athletes of varying ability and skill levels have thrived with his program because it is customized to everyone’s individual level. He teaches proper techniques and form to reduce the risk of injury.

I participated in the Doctor of Fitness Strength and Conditioning Program for four years in high school. The program greatly improved my speed and quickness, and helped me build the muscle to prepare me to play at the high school and collegiate level. From the first summer participating in the program to the last, I saw drastic increases in strength and became skilled in form and technique. I gained a confidence in the weight room. 

I saw major success as a four year member of the Women’s Varsity Soccer team and Women’s Varsity Indoor Track team. I was named a League all-star in 2009 and captain my senior year. My high school soccer team was League champs from 2005-2007, District champs and Division 1 State finalist in 2007. I was a member of the Blackwatch Rhode Island club team from 2005-2010. We were New England Region Champs from 2005-2007, USL Super Y National Finalists in 2007, USL Super Y National Semi-finalists in 2006. In 2007 I was named to the USL National Finals All-league team, and a USL ODP team invitee. I am currently a member of the Merrimack Women’s Soccer team."

Michelle Laramee

Former SHS Girls Varsity Soccer and Track Athlete

Faster, stronger, fitter, and less prone to injuries

"One of my biggest concerns as a high school soccer coach was the student athletes who showed up for fall tryouts out of shape from a summertime of inactivity, or injured because they had tried to get into shape on their own too quickly, without proper supervision or training.  The “Doctor of Fitness Summer Program”, provided me with a proven strength and conditioning program that I could recommend to our parents and players without reservation.  

Year after year the athletes that chose to participate in Dr. Lee Mancini’s Doctor of Fitness Summer Program, reported to our tryouts faster, stronger, fitter, and less prone to injuries than those athletes that didn’t. They had an observable head start on the competition and I was able to spend less time on fitness and more time coaching actual soccer activities."

Chip DelPrete

Former Head Coach Girls' Varsity Soccer Shrewsbury High School for 10 years
Qualified for state tournament all ten years
6 Central Mass Division-1 District Final Appearances
4 Mid/Wach A League Championships
2 Central Mass Division-1 District Championships
2 time Division-1 State Finalist

Helped me break SHS's receiving records

"The All-Access Fitness Academy has top of the line equipment with plenty of space for athletes to train.  It is a state of the art facility.  I have done Dr. Lee Mancini’s Summer Doctor of Fitness Program for 3 years and have benefited tremendously.  His program is very organized and well balanced. Dr. Mancini and the training staff are knowlegible in every aspect of strength and conditioning – speed, agility, plyometrics, power and strength training.  If I ever had a question about an aspect of my workout Dr. Mancini could answer it. 

Also, Dr. Mancini and the trainers were excellent at fixing my form on any exercise that needed it.  The Summer Doctor of Fitness Program helped me this past football season make the Division I All-Star team and break all of Shrewsbury high schools receiving records."

Jay Reynolds

Shrewsbury high school four sport athlete – football, baseball, track, and basketball
Division I Football All-Star – 2011 Season
Football Worcester Telegram & Gazette All-Star Team Honorable Mention – 2011 Season
Indoor Track – Worcester Telegram & Gazette Superteam – 2011 Season
Indoor Track – Mid Wach All-Star – 2011Season
Indoor Track – broke Shrewsbury HS record for 55 meter dash
Indoor Track – All States, 4 x 200 Meter Relay won leagues

No B.S. workouts

"Dr. Lee Mancini’s Summer Doctor of Fitness Program makes you commit to high intensity no B.S. workouts that all athletes benefit from greatly.  Dr. Mancini is an excellent motivator who knows everything about training and conditioning.  His programs will get you faster and stronger and keep you healthy throughout the season.  Also, all the equipment at the All-Access Fitness Academy is brand new and up to date.  The staff is friendly and always there when help is needed."

Billy Theis

Varsity Football Captain – 2011 Season
Varsity Baseball Team

Helps athletes succeed at any level

"The All-Access fitness academy gave me all the tools I needed to allow me to take my fitness to the next level. The facility have is great.  Unlike most gyms there is lots of space for running, plyometrics, and other activities.  All-Access has some of the newest types of equipment including sleds, ropes, tires and more that makes my workouts that much harder and better.  Dr. Lee Mancini and the entire staff work extremely hard to make All-Access the best gym in the Central Mass area.

Dr. Lee Mancini was my Sports Medicine doctor when I attend Assumption College. He helped me through some tough injuries. His knowledge of the human body, strength and conditioning allowed me to gain an edge recovering from my injuries. He has the ability to make the appropriate fitness training and nutrition recommendations to help athletes succeed at any level.  I would encourage any athlete who would like to improve to his or her fitness to come to the All-Access Fitness Academy and to let Dr. Mancini train you in his Summer Doctor of Fitness Program!"

David Canney

3 Year Captain Assumption College Football Team
3 Time Team Offensive MVP
Northeast-10 Football League Offensive MVP 2010
Division II All-American Team Honorable Mention 2010
Ranked 2nd in Receptions per game in Division II – 2010 Season
Ranked 7th in All-purpose running in Division II – 2010 Season
Ranked 9th in Receiving yards per game in Division II – 2010 Season

In better shape than my teammates

"The All-Access Fitness Academy has tons of state of the art equipment and wide open space to allow everyone in your group to train at an elite level. Dr. Lee Mancini's programs are state of the art and he is easily able to explain them to the athletes through his extensive athletic achievements.  I did the Doctor of Fitness Summer program for four years, and I came into training camp in much better shape than my other teammates, and I never missed a practice or game due to injury."

Mike D'Amico

Shrewsbury High School Football captain 2009 Season
Division I Football All-Star 2009
2010 Central/Western Shrine Game participant
Telegram and Gazette Home Team Honorable Mention
Shrewsbury High School Football Team League champions - 2007 and 2008
Superbowl Champions and Undefeated Season - 2007

Tremendous advantage over competition

"The SHS football teams' success in recent years, including the undefeated championship team can be largely attributed to the athletes who took part in Dr. Mancini's Doctor of Fitness Summer strength training program. Strength and conditioning vital to the success of any team, I feel that this program gave us a tremendous advantage over our competition. In addition to gains in strength and endurance, injuries have been greatly reduced."

Lee DiGristina

Former Shrewsbury High School Defensive Coordinator

Former collegiate football player

Summer Football fitness

“The general physical conditioning, speed, and strength of our football athletes has improved significantly since they started working with Dr. Mancini and his Summer Doctor of Fitness program.  Athletes report to pre-season in better shape and less practice time has to be devoted to conditioning.

 Watching Dr. Mancini work with the kids during the Summer Conditioning sessions is impressive.  He can adapt the program instantly for injuries and different ability levels.  He can explain the benefits in simple terms, or in depth based on the research.  He can explain exactly how and why an athlete can get the most out of their work-outs, and push them to achieve more.

The Doctor of Fitness training area in the All-Access Fitness Academy is basically an athlete's playground. The equipment is excellent and the space is designed openly to best use the free weights and equipment.  It even has a short sprint straight-away to work on speed training indoors.  It is simply the best training facility around."

Ian Butterfield

Shrewsbury High School Football and Track Coach

League All-Star Girl's Varsity Soccer

"I have done Dr. Mancini's Summer Doctor of Fitness Program for the past three summers, and I have definitely seen the results!  Dr. Mancini is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful in teaching athletes and answering their questions."
Gabrielle Auzenbergs
State Semi-Finalists in Girls Varsity Soccer 2010
District Semi-Finalists in Girls Varsity Soccer 2011
Mid-Wach A League All-Star

The Doctor of Fitness Training Area...was perfect

“The Doctor of Fitness Training Area at All-Access Fitness Academy was perfect our training environment, there weren't too many people in the class and we always had enough space and equipment to do each activity.  The Doctor of Fitness Summer Program was a well-balanced workout. We never focused on just one body part so we got a total body experience. Instead of focusing on just lifting, we trained to improve speed, agility, balance, core-work, and injury prevention as well. This resulted in all areas of my body being toned and conditioned.

By participating in the Doctor of Fitness Summer Program I was able to achieve my personal goals of becoming more active and becoming a starting player for the JV Volleyball. Overall, I had better tryouts and a better season due to being in great condition. I was much happier on the team because I could jump higher, move faster, and do more than had ever been possible before. My overall performance was much better; less balls were dropped and more successful passes were made because I could quickly move and prepare for a hit.

Bailey Roy
Starter on the Shrewsbury High School JV Team

Dedicated and very patient with kids...

"We decided to have our athletic 10-year old daughter work with Lee to help increase her upper body strength, improve the limited range of motion and mobility in some of her areas, all while loosening some tightness in her hips that was starting to cause her discomfort.

After our first session with Lee, I immediately saw an interest from our daughter in challenging herself to become a better athlete.

At all times Lee was positive and encouraging in his approach and never compromised on proper technique and effective mechanics. He has tremendous skills and is dedicated, enthusiastic and very patient with kids.

Lee fosters an environment of fun with drills/games incorporated in with strength conditioning.

His positive approach to encouraging children to get in and stay in shape is something they will have as a solid foundation for their lifetime."

Thank you, Julie
Mother of Abby

A remarkable difference in the way my body feels...

My Personal Program:
“Dr. Mancini's Fitness Programs have made a remarkable difference in the way my body feels. The programs are very thorough, challenging, and well-thought-out. It's also nice to know that current research on fitness is being implemented in these programs.”

Football Coach:
“The SHS football teams' success the recent years can be largely attributed to athletes who took part in Dr. Mancini's strength training program. Strength and conditioning is vital to the success of any team. I feel that his summer and in-season programs give us a tremendous advantage over our competition. In addition to gains in strength and endurance, injuries have been greatly reduced.”

Lee DiGristina
Sherwood Middle School Physical Education Teacher – he is a private client of Dr. Mancini and was a coach for the Football Team Shrewsbury High School.

We did not have a single “game-missing” injury...

“The strength and conditioning programs that you have designed and instituted at SHS have been very beneficial to the Basketball program. This was our second year with the program and Coach Machado agrees that our players are bigger and stronger than in years past. The added strength results in a more aggressive and confident athlete enabling us to compete with any team in our league. During our 08-09 season we did not have a single “game-missing” injury, a true testament to the conditioning program."

Kevin Harrington
Parent of a Shrewsbury High Basketball player, Shrewsbury MA

Starting my third trimester, and I feel great!

“Throughout my current pregnancy with my third child, I have had weekly private training sessions with Doctor of Fitness.  My goals have been to improve my strength and maintain my fitness level as much as possible during pregnancy to help me have an easier labor and recovery. 

I am starting my third trimester, and I feel great!  Friends notice the new muscular definition in my arms, and my husband notices that I do not complain of back pain this pregnancy. 

Having a personal trainer who is also a family doctor, a sports medicine specialist and a nutrition expert is a great combination! It makes me feel incredibly confident and comfortable with the changes in my exercise routine that Dr. Mancini makes to accommodate my pregnancy.  I love the way I look and feel!"

Heidi Shah

As I aged into my forties...

“I always considered myself to be relatively athletic and overall pretty healthy. But as I got older, it became more and more difficult to find the time to work out. With a growing family and many outside interests, I struggled to make time for myself. For the first time in my life, as I aged into my forties, I began to feel self-conscious about my weight and the way I looked.

I decided to train with Lee because I felt with his vast understanding of body mechanics and muscle functions, he is capable of determining individual abilities. His positive attitude and encouragement to stay on track has helped me to achieve exactly what I want for my overall health.

I think Lee is an extraordinary trainer with tremendous knowledge and discipline.

He has planted many seeds both in the importance of good nutrition choices as well as physical exercises that I expect to be able to follow for years to come.”

Julie Deneen

A rock solid build of 195 pounds...

"Before I trained under Dr. Mancini, I had no experience with weight lifting. Then I joined the Doctor of Fitness Team. At first I was six feet tall, but only weighed 160 pounds. Today I have a body fat percentage under 12% and have a rock solid build of 195 pounds.

My strength gains were tremendous! I have even won several bench press competitions. Many of my friends have even asked if I was taking steroids. All I can say is that Dr. Mancini is an encyclopedia of training, nutrition, and sports knowledge. Put him to work for you today! I know that I am glad I did!"

Miami FL

I actually lost body fat and gained muscle...

"Dr. Mancini’s services are unparalleled. Quite simply he is the best personal trainer with which I have worked. I have been using his services for quite some time now, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to design my next program.

Every two weeks I send him my feedback form, which shows him my progress, any obstacles to my success, and how my life is going outside the gym. He takes everything into account from my feedback forms, and then he creates my next program! Just one example of how effective his training methods are was when I wanted to increase my lower body leg strength.

After eights weeks of training I had added 60 lbs to my one repetition max for squats! Also, I had actually lost body fat and gained muscle during this training cycle! If you are looking to get stronger, get faster, or get leaner, then join the Doctor of Fitness Team today!"

Ithaca NY