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My strength improved...

"When I was a college athlete, I was a member of the Doctor Of Fitness Team. His fitness routines helped me add 15 pounds of solid muscle to my frame. My strength improved at an exponential rate.

Dr. Mancini knows what he is talking about when it comes to improving both athletic performance and body composition. He is an outstanding teacher, and I would recommend him to any athlete looking to improve his or her results on the field of play. So join the Doctor of Fitness Team today!"

Rosendale MA

How thorough his nutrition counseling was...

"I have benefited tremendously from Dr. Mancini’s nutrition consultation services. I was in a busy job, always eating out, always on the go. I noticed that I was getting away from the physique that I had kept since college.

So I hired the Doctor of Fitness Team to help me lose those extra pounds of fat. He pointed out the flaws in my diet and the misconceptions I had with regard to proper nutrition in general. His services helped me eat healthier, get leaner, and lead a more active lifestyle.

I was so impressed with how thorough his nutrition counseling was, that three years later I still work with Dr. Mancini on a monthly basis. I know there are many people out there like me, who want to lose body fat, drop the pounds, and life a more healthy lifestyle. All I have to say is join the Doctor of Fitness team!"

Framingham MA

Being a woman, weight training always me...

I have been using training programs designed by Dr. Mancini for the past two years and they are great! His programs are extremely well thought out, easy to follow, and also innovative. I have gained strength in my arms and legs, while at the same time dropping body fat and getting lean. Being a woman, weight training always worried me that I might get big and bulky, but now I am a believer in Dr. Mancini’s workouts.

Not only have I lost fat and lost weight, but I am in better shape today than I was two years ago. I would recommend any woman, no matter her age, whether she is an athlete or not, to join the Doctor of Fitness Team right away!

Ithaca NY