I am starting my third trimester, and I feel great!  Friends notice the new muscular definition in my arms, and my husband notices that I do not complain of back pain this pregnancy.

Heidi Shah

I have benefited tremendously from Dr. Mancini’s nutrition consultation services. I was in a busy job, always eating out, always on the go. I noticed that I was getting away from the physique that I had kept since college…

City: Framingham
State: MA

I have gained strength in my arms and legs, while at the same time dropping body fat and getting lean. Being a woman, weight training always worried me that I might get big and bulky, but now I am a believer in Dr. Mancini’s workouts.

City: Ithaca
State: NY

Dr. Mancini's Fitness Programs have made a remarkable difference in the way my body feels. The programs are very thorough, challenging, and well-thought-out. It's also nice to know that current research on fitness is being implemented in these programs.

City: Shrewsbury
State: MA
Lee DiGristina

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