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Dr. Mancini's Fitness Programs have made a remarkable difference in the way my body feels. The programs are very thorough, challenging, and well-thought-out. It's also nice to know that current research on fitness is being implemented in these programs.

Lee DiGristina

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Are you sick and tired of failing to reach your fitness goals?

Isn't it time to grab the brass ring?

Health and fitness is important to you or you wouldn’t be here. Woman or man, power athlete or casual runner, student or senior, pregnant or not -- it doesn’t matter who you are.

Achieving your fitness, endurance, strength, or nutrition goals is a lesson in frustration
without the knowledge and expert guidance you need.

Are you fed up with what you see in the mirror? Or frustrated because your body isn’t cooperating or performing the way you want it to? Are you more and more concerned about the injuries you’ve experienced or worried about the risk of injuring yourself during workouts or sports activities?

Regardless of where you fit on the spectrum from reformed couch potato to dedicated athlete, if you are committed to continually improving the shape you are in, Doctor Of Fitness programs are the answer for you.

Having a personal trainer who is also a family doctor, a sports medicine specialist and a nutrition expert is a great combination! It makes me feel incredibly confident and comfortable with the changes in my exercise routine that Dr. Mancini makes to accommodate my pregnancy. I love the way I look and feel! (Heidi, MA)

Dr. Lee Mancini personally works with each client to evaluate their specific needs and identify their goals. Working closely with the client, he creates a custom fitness and/or nutrition program for them, incorporating his years of experience and expertise as a Sports Medicine physician, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Nutrition Coach, and former Division 1 athlete. Each client’s program is personally monitored by Dr. Mancini including training, education, and program revisions.

When I was a college athlete, I was a member of the Doctor Of Fitness Team. His fitness routines helped me add 15 pounds of solid muscle to my frame. My strength improved at an exponential rate. Dr. Mancini knows what he is talking about when it comes to improving both athletic performance and body composition. He is an outstanding teacher, and I would recommend him to any athlete looking to improve his or her results on the field of play. (Dave, Rosendale MA)

Dr. Mancini has trained hundreds of athletes and non-athletes - people of all ages who are ready to take a serious approach to improving their fitness, their nutrition, and their well-being.

Our clients come to Doctor Of Fitness for many different reasons:

  • Some have nutritional challenges due to medical conditions or heavy athletic schedules.
  • Some are plagued with injuries from workout technique or sports.
  • Some are runners or even casual athletes who are having trouble improving their performance without risking injury.
  • Some are women dealing with specific women’s issues that impact their ability to get or stay fit, such as pregnancy, postpartum recovery, or difficult monthly cycles.
  • Some are professional or amateur athletes who are striving for peak performance and consistent excellence in their sport.
  • Some are seeking healthy fitness routines that work for their bodies and their lifestyle.
Dr. Mancini’s services are unparalleled. Quite simply he is the best personal trainer with which I have worked. I have been using his services for quite some time now, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to design my next program. After eight weeks of training I had added 60 lbs to my one repetition max for squats! Also, I had actually lost body fat and gained muscle during this training cycle!" (Luciano, Ithaca NY)

At Doctor Of Fitness, we specialize in treating everyone differently.

You are unique and valued, with a unique set of needs. If you are truly committed to improving your fitness, health, and nutrition, you deserve the focused attention and coaching that will help you get to the level of health, knowledge, fitness, and sports performance that you want.

Live the lifestyle you want by committing yourself to reach the goals that will get you there. We can help. Browse our programs or get started here.

Questions? Check out our FAQ, Live Help (at the top of this page), or contact us here.

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