Frequently Asked Questions

I have a recent sports injury. Can Dr. Mancini's program work for me?
Yes, without a doubt. Not only will Dr. Mancini’s program work for you, but as a practicing sports medicine physician, Dr. Mancini specializes in taking a client with a sports injury and getting them back to his or her sport in better shape than ever.

Dr. Mancini will perform a detailed evaluation of both your injury and your goals and will put together a customized program to address both -- an individualized program designed to help your injury heal, and get you back to playing your sport stronger and healthier than ever!
What should I do first to become a client of Doctor Of Fitness?

Look over our variety of programs and services for one that suits your goals. Then complete the Getting Started application form.  If you aren't sure which program is best for you, don't worry, we'll recommend a program for you after we review your application.

I am looking to lose fat and get toned. How can Dr. Mancini’s programs help me?
In fact, Dr. Mancini specializes in helping clients of all ages remake their bodies, lose weight, and get healthier. Using Dr. Mancini’s custom-designed nutrition and fitness programs, his clients have great success losing fat and getting fit.
I have celiac disease. Is Dr. Mancini able to put together a gluten-free nutrition program for me?
Yes, Dr. Mancini has experience in designing nutrition programs specifically for people with celiac disease, who need to eat gluten-free diets.

Dr. Mancini has personally done research on gluten-free diets and celiac disease and, with his unique medical and nutrition background, absolutely can design a customized nutrition program that is safe and healthy for your specific dietary restrictions.
Do you have sport-specific programs, like for golf or basketball?
Yes, whatever your sport – Dr. Mancini will put together a program to help you succeed at it. He's been designing sport-specific training and fitness programs for high school, college, and adult athletes for over 20 years -- programs that will help you avoid injuries, get stronger, get faster, and improve at your sport.
I have diabetes. Can I still sign up for your nutrition program?
Yes, not only can you sign up for a custom nutrition program, but Dr. Mancini can work with you to develop a custom training program to further help you better control your blood sugar, lose weight, and create a healthier lifestyle.
Would Dr. Mancini create a custom program even if I live 2000 miles away?
Yes, Dr. Mancini has a detailed evaluation process to create individualized programs for clients who live too far away to meet and train with him in person.
I have several food allergies, Can Dr. Mancini create a nutrition program for me?
Yes, as a physician and certified sports nutritionist, Dr. Mancini has over 20 years of experience designing nutrition programs for clients with many different food allergies.
Are the sessions and the facility private?
Dr. Mancini offers both private and semi-private sessions. In private sessions, it is you and Dr. Mancini working together in the Doctor Of Fitness private and exclusive 650 square foot workout facility or on Zoom. It's a perfect option for the client who feels uncomfortable training in a big, crowded gym and prefers the personal attention and faster results.

In a semi-private session, it is just you along with another client or two, with Dr. Mancini personally training the small group.  His semi-private training sessions create camaraderie among clients and lead to excellent, targeted results.

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