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Why Us

It's not just the exercise that makes you fit...

It's the physician fitness expert. Sure, a physician fitness expert needs to know how to use all that equipment but - MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY - a physician fitness expert needs to connect with you to create great results.

Your sessions are not about Dr. Mancini standing behind the treadmill. Your sessions are about him focusing his experience and expertise as a Sports Medicine physician and certified fitness and nutrition expert on you. They are about him working personally with you to create real health, real toning, and lifelong results. This takes energy, imagination, infinite patience and experience (because the ability to see what’s going to happen before it does is a definite plus). And it doesn’t hurt to have fun.

It’s Dr. Mancini’s job to make everything come together and when that happens, there can be nothing less than magic. You might say he’s a magician by trade. So why choose us? Well, if magic isn’t quite enough, here are some summary points for you -

check markWe specialize in fitness and nutrition for adults and near-adults with unique programs for women and athletes. And because we specialize, everything in our facility - from initial contact to our facility environment and our approach inside and outside of the facility is geared for committed adults, teen, and near-teens. We are an upbeat, friendly place to be.

check markWe will work with you to create an experience and results that you will see, feel, and value for a lifetime. Time to focus on fitness and nutrition is hard to come by these days, we're all so busy. Exceeding goals is even rarer, and achieving health and fitness results that last a lifetime is truly priceless.

check markYes, we do know how to use all that fancy equipment. Even better, all our expertise is focused on you. Dr. Mancini is an award-winning Sports Medicine and Family Medicine physician and lettered multi-sport athlete (he was a Major Varsity Letter Winner at Harvard College for 4 years running) with over 20 years experience. At Doctor Of Fitness, we stay on the cutting edge with our equipment and our techniques by scrupulously maintaining and upgrading our equipment, by partnering with some of the best manufacturers and vendors in the country. Dr. Mancini especially keeps on top of current research and brings creativity and innovation to his fitness and nutrition clients for ultimate personalized benefit. In fact, Dr. Mancini is a highly published author, researcher, and speaker in the medical, nutrition, and fitness fields.

check markA no risk guarantee. We want happy clients. Love what we do or get your money back for your most recent package. Simple.

check markLots of happy customers. What we say is one thing but what our customers say is EVERYTHING! For LOTS of testimonials, visit our Raves section.

Giving Back


“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”
Mahatma Gandhi