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Just for Golfers

Just for Golfers

Golfers Rejoice! Learn the Reasons Why Your Back Aches and Your Shoulder or Elbow Pain Are Keeping You OFF THE COURSE Too Many Times and How To FIX THE PROBLEM!

Are you tired of coming in last with your golfing partners? Can’t sink a putt to save your life?

Golf is an amazing game that takes skill, coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength, and mental discipline. However, after playing round after round, hole after hole, golfers unknowingly create muscle imbalances due to the nature of the golf swing.

Say NO to early retirement from the sport you love!

Low back pain, shoulder impingement syndrome, and medial epicondylitis (also called golfer’s elbow) are just a few overuse injuries that many golfers develop. These injuries force many golfers into early retirement or at least to miss weeks or months on the links. Don’t let this happen to you!

Sports Medicine Physician and Harvard athlete, Dr. Lee Mancini has created an INCREDIBLE TWENTY-WEEK golf fitness program that shows you step-by-step how to:

  • Prevent overuse injuries common to golfers
  • Scientifically and methodically stretch muscles that are overactive and tend to be too tight
  • Strengthen those key muscle groups that need to be strong in the golf swing and tend to be overlooked in most training routines
  • Improve your flexibility and strength without adding muscle mass that can interfere with your swing

The Golfer’s Fitness Training Program contains detailed twelve-week off-season AND eight-week in-season fitness programs including strength, speed, and flexibility routines.

Off-season? In-season? It doesn’t matter. DO NOT delay, this program will improve your golf game this season and keep you in shape for next season!

The Golfer’s Fitness Training Program includes:

  1. A specialized golf program designed by a board certified Sports Medicine Physician and certified strength and conditioning specialist – who understands the complex muscle interactions of the golf swing
  2. A Twelve-Week Off-Season golf training regimen – consisting of three distinct programs containing exercise explanations and stretches
  3. An Eight-Week In-Season golf training regimen – consisting of two distinct programs
  4. Each program contains clarifications of the stretches, drills, and exercises in full detail
  5. Over 150 color pictures of the strength training and flexibility exercise technique
  6. A clearly laid out blueprint to help you improve your golf game

NOTE: This program may be combined with Private or Semi-Private Fitness Programs with Dr. Mancini for faster, more sustained results.

Details & Pricing

Just For Golfers program
For faster results through personal training with Dr. Mancini, sign up for the Jumpstart Fitness Program.

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