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Better Nutrition Forever

Better Nutrition Forever

You've graduated from the Jumpstart To Better Nutrition program. Congratulations!!

What's next?

Now that you've started with a good foundation, some education, and are starting to feel more in control of your daily nutrition, you want to keep that progress going.

You have every reason to be successful with your new nutrition program but you still have questions. Rome wasn't founded in a day, and neither is the new you.

Whether your program is about weight loss, weight gain, sports or exercise, allergies, celiac, diabetes, or other nutrition challenge, you've only just begun the process that will get you lifelong benefits.

Lifelong benefits

The monthly Better Nutrition Forever Program keeps you on focus, on track, ongoing until you are ready to fly completely solo. Even then some of our clients come back now and then for refreshers or for help dealing with new challenges.

What's included?

Your custom nutrition program will be reviewed and revised by Dr. Mancini as you continue to progress. You'll meet with Dr. Mancini biweekly for nutrition coaching sessions where you'll review your nutrition status, get questions answered, and deal with any challenges that come up.

Knowledge is power

Making healthy food and lifestyle choices is so much easier with a good solid foundation in knowledge about nutrition, health, and exercise. Your custom program includes regular learning sessions with Dr. Mancini to help you build your critical understanding of how your body works and what it needs.

Whether you are an adult with nutrition challenges, or a parent of a child with challenges, you'll gain lifelong benefit from continuing in the Better Nutrition Forever Program.

Feeling better, looking better, more energy, better focus - for a better, happier life

Details & Pricing

All personal nutrition programs start with the Jumpstart to Better Nutrition Program. Following the Jumpstart to Better Nutrition Program, you'll continue on with the monthly program of your choice.
Each monthly nutrition program option includes one custom nutrition program or program modification each month. Dr. Mancini creates your personal nutrition programs for you with careful consideration of your health status and nutrition needs and goals at that time.
  • Custom nutrition program or program modification each month
  • Biweekly nutrition coaching sessions to follow your progress
  • Food diary assessments
  • Regular learning sessions with Dr. Mancini to learn about what your body needs, food habits, supplements
  • Access to Dr. Mancini for questions about your program

Choose the monthly program option that suits you best:

  • 2 nutrition sessions and 1 custom nutrition program per month with Dr. Mancini
  • 4 nutrition sessions and 1 custom nutrition program per month with Dr. Mancini

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