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Jumpstart To Better Nutrition

Jumpstart To Better Nutrition

Getting the right nutrition for your body can be a tough maze to find your way through, especially if you have health or weight challenges. Food allergies, food intolerances, high blood pressure, diabetes, celiac disease, heart problems, migraines, overweight, underweight... all these are challenges that hundreds of thousands of adults and children deal with every day.

Oftentimes the hardest challenge is just trying to live your daily life, eat right, and not let nutrition be in charge!

After all, it's your life and you should be in charge. You just need to learn skills and understand the facts and nuances so good, healthy nutrition becomes so natural you don't have to concentrate on it all day, every day.

Even if you don't have special health challenges, you will notice better, faster results from your fitness program if you are eating and drinking the right balance of foods and liquids at the right times. It's not just about drinking enough water and eating protein.

Dr. Mancini is a Certified Sports Nutritionist. That means, besides being a Sports Medicine physician and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, he uses his expertise in nutrition to create a very customized, very personalized nutrition plan for you.

Then he educates and coaches you along the way to help ensure your success.

The Doctor Of Fitness Programs are about real food. Not some mail-order or brand-specific food program where you have to 'tow the line' or risk losing all the progress you've made.

You'll learn real-life skills

arrow 6 What foods work best for your body and your situation.

arrow 6 How different foods act and react in your body.

arrow 6 How to make choices that are healthy... for you.

arrow 6 How to eat out.

arrow 6 How to eat with friends.

arrow 6 How to eat alone.

arrow 6 How to integrate nutrition into your fitness plan.

arrow 6 How to make progress and maintain it.

arrow 6 How to be successful at it all.

The Jumpstart To Better Nutrition Program is the first step. You'll get eased in and given lots of support throughout your Jumpstart program. We want you to be successful and we'll bend over backwards to help you.

Your 6-week Jumpstart To Better Nutrition Program includes:

  • Getting Started Questionnaire
  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Comprehensive 13-Point Intake Diary Analysis
  • Nutrition Report Card
  • Custom Nutrition Program for Maximum Results
  • Personal Coaching Sessions with Dr. Mancini
  • Nutrition Lesson Sessions
  • Weekly Feedback Forms
  • Unlimited Email Access to Dr. Mancini

The Jumpstart To Better Nutrition Program is a 6-week program designed to give you a good foundation for your healthier nutrition. Because eating well for life becomes more natural and comfortable over time, and because we want you to be successful for life, we strongly recommend you make at least a three-month commitment to our nutrition program for stronger and longer success.

After you complete the Jumpstart To Better Nutrition Program, we can help you transition into our ongoing monthly Better Nutrition Forever Program or the "Celiac Nutrition Solved!" Program for lifelong benefit.

Details & Pricing

Jumpstart to Better Nutrition 6-week Program
(pre-requisite to all monthly nutrition programs)

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