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Virtual Home Gym Design Consultation

Virtual Home Gym Design Consultation

You get essentially everything you would get from us if you lived around the corner.

You'll still 'meet' with Dr. Mancini for your personal consultation, it will just be by phone or electronically rather than in person.

The biggest difference is that you will send Dr. Mancini the measurements and photos of your new Home Gym space. Except in rare cases, this program does not include a an onsite consultation with Dr. Mancini.

Program Details

You want to work out in the privacy of your own home, with all the flexibility you need. With your busy schedule - work, family, social - it’s practically impossible to get to an outside gym as often as you want to work out.

So you’ve decided to create a Home Gym of your own. Congratulations!

Now what? How do you make sure you’re maximizing the limited space you have so you get the most fitness benefit from it? You want it to be functional, contain the best quality equipment, and still look like it ‘fits’ in the personality of your home.

Dr. Mancini will give you the benefit of his years of experience as a Sports Medicine physician, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, personal fitness coach, and athlete.

  • Personal phone or electronic consultation with Dr. Mancini
  • Virtual home site analysis
  • Custom Home Gym designed and drawn by Dr. Mancini to meet your personal preferences and fitness goals
  • Equipment order placed for delivery to your doorstep, with specially-negotiated Doctor of Fitness discount

All you have to do is set up the equipment when it arrives, and get started!

Your gym will WOW you!

Get the atmosphere and functionality you need to keep your workouts on track, and help you meet and maintain your health and fitness goals today.

Details & Pricing

The Virtual Home Gym Design & Consultation Package including personal consultation and design by Dr. Mancini:

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