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Eating Out at Home

on Tuesday, 28 May 2019. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

One of the most common phrases heard ‘round the world is “what’s for dinner?” It’s an age-old question that doesn’t always have an easy answer, especially when you’re dragging yourself home after a tough day at work. Takeout would be great, but your budget only goes so far. What if you could make a great takeout meal at home?

Guess what? You can.

Pizza is as basic as it gets. The beauty of pizza is that it’s so versatile. If it’s time for a family pizza night, start with this go-to pizza recipe. It’s geared for pepperoni and cheese in a red sauce, but that doesn’t keep you from experimenting until you’ve created the perfect pie.

Not all pizzas are the same. For an alternative to the traditional New York style pizza, try creating Chicago’s deep-dish version.

Along with pizza, Chinese food is about as takeout as it gets. And of course, no Chinese meal would be complete without the eggrolls. Rather than buying the prepackaged version in the frozen food section of your local supermarket, try these tasty (and healthy) spring rolls instead.

Golden Corral offers a wide variety of menu-items, but one of its most famous is its Bourbon Street chicken. Bring that sweet-spicy flavor home with you with this Bourbon Street sauce. You don’t have to stop with chicken either. It works great with beef and pork too.

If your spicy tastes run more toward Buffalo than New Orleans, try some buffalo-inspired firecracker chicken on wings or whatever meat suits your fancy. For a healthier option that’s kind to your waistline, try it on roasted cauliflower!

Making take-out at home doesn’t have to mean skimping on great food. With a little experimenting, you soon find the only thing you’re missing out on is the crowds and the traffic.

Oh, wait… were you actually missing those?

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