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Exercise Series: Should Your Kids Play Sports?

on Tuesday, 21 April 2020. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

Welcome to our series on exercise. In the first part, we’ll take a look at whether you should get the kiddos involved in sports. It’s a question every parent will consider at some point in time. With organized group sporting events all being cancelled right now, we have plenty of time to think about it. There are many reasons to look into it, even if you don’t think your child will turn into the next NBA superstar. 

The first reason is also the most obvious. Exercise is good for us. Getting out and getting active can lead to a lifetime of good health. Regular exercise is also a habit, and the best time to learn a habit is when we’re young. Think about how you can get your kids to be active now, even when we are all staying home. 

Playing sports also teaches us how to cooperate with others. Humans are social creatures, and how well we work with others will go a long way in determining how successful we are in life. Among other things, playing sports teaches us teamwork, communication and empathy for others. Many of the same skills that make us a successful member of a project team as adults are learned on the athletic fields we run around on as kids.

There are other valuable lessons we can learn from participating in sports, such as working towards a common goal and how to handle setbacks. No matter how good we are, we won’t always win. We’ll suffer disappointment and defeat along the way, just as we do in life. Sports can teach us positive ways to overcome these challenges.

Whether you allow your child to participate in organized sports will depend on both you and your child. Sports aren’t for everyone, and you’ll have to consider you own time commitment as well. However, for many kids the benefits far exceed the drawbacks, and there’s no substitute for good health.

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