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Go Lean: How to Choose and Enjoy Lean Proteins

on Tuesday, 21 July 2015. Posted in Doctor of Fitness, Sports Nutrition

When you're trying to make lifestyle changes to lose weight or to become more heart healthy, you may come across the phrase “lean protein.”

Protein is considered one of the building blocks for the body—most every system relies on it. Many protein-rich foods, however, are also high in fat, which can raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. Lean protein is the best of both worlds: the protein you need, without a lot of the fat you don’t.

Here are some easy ways to add lean protein to your diet:

  • Eggs  Low in calories and high in nutrients, the versatile egg can be a simple way to add protein, whether eating it boiled, scrambled, in an omelet, or added to baked goods or meatloaf.
  • Fish  Fish is usually a good source of protein, because even if there is fat, those omega-3 fatty acids are good for you. Just skip the deep-fried fish, as well as any high-fat sauces.
  • Dairy  Low- or non-fat milk, cheese, and yogurt are good choices. Whey protein shakes are another source, too.
  • Vegetables  Not all protein comes from animal sources. Beans, peas, quinoa, and lentils are also good lean protein sources, particularly for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

There are plenty of choices out there, many of them not only healthy but tasty as well. There’s no reason why you can’t ‘go lean’ today.

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