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Holiday Traditions

on Tuesday, 17 December 2019. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? Maybe you set out your holiday decorations the first Sunday in December like clockwork. Or perhaps you pass on the Christmas ham and instead hit your favorite pizza joint to round out Christmas day. It’s great to be able to create memories year after year with the people most important to you.

Don’t be afraid to change things up though. For a perfect example look no farther than that can-shaped loaf of cranberry sauce that sits on the table for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Why not jazz it up with some of these fresh new takes? Or how about that Christmas wreath you hang on the door every year without fail? Many local craft stores offer a wreath making class during the holidays, so get the family together and create a new showpiece.

Or how about your Christmas tree? Sure you have your favorite ornaments you use year after year, but how about changing it up by making some new ones? Here are some ways to do just that. You might even decide to go totally wild and alter the whole color scheme. How about a pink tree or a blue or purple one? It might sound a little crazy, but with a little creativity you can pull it off with style. Check one of these examples of trees with pizzazz.

Even a great tradition was a new idea at one point in time, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Sure there’s a chance it won’t go the way you planned, but you’ll still have a great holiday story to tell.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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