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Honor Thy Father

on Tuesday, 11 June 2019. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

Pop. Dad. Pappy. There are all sorts of names for dear old Dad. You might even call him ‘Papa’ if that’s your thing.  Whatever name you use, it’s time to give him some props, and what better day to do it than Father’s Day?

Wondering what to do to properly honor thy father? Well here are a few tips.

Take some time to think about who your father actually is. This time of year, the stores are full of stereotypical ‘Dad’ stuff like grill accessories, tools and fishing poles. Don’t be like the other shoppers and just grab the first thing you see. Not every dad fits the ‘Dad’ stereotype. Maybe he prefers a good book or even a romantic comedy.

Let Dad pick the kind of day he wants to have. Sure, some dads love to see the kids and the grandkids and spend the whole day with the family. Others would just prefer a little peace and quiet and a short phone call from the people most important to them.

Share his hobby for a day. Whether he’s perfecting his golf swing, expanding his stamp collection or destroying digital baddies on his game console, chances are Dad has a hobby and would love nothing better than to have someone to share it with. Even if stamp collection isn’t for you, take a little time to step into his world. It’s a chance to build some bonds and who knows? The old man might just have a few useful tips to share.

These suggestions aside, the most important thing is just to be there. Show him you care. He’ll appreciate it, even if he does give you a strange look and wonders why you got him yet another tie clip.

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