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on Tuesday, 05 June 2012. Posted in Doctor of Fitness, Toning & Shaping, Fitness for Women, Fitness

It may seem hard to believe in an age when celebrity “baby bumps” are on the cover of just about every magazine.  But back in the old days, being pregnant was looked upon as a “condition” that was spoken about in hushed whispers.  In fact, the very idea of pregnancy was so “out there” that when Lucy Ricardo on “I Love Lucy” was expecting, censors wouldn’t allow the word “pregnant” to be spoken on the show for the entire season!
Three decades later, a very pregnant actress Demi Moore posed naked on the cover of Vanity Fair in the ‘90s, and suddenly pregnancy was viewed as beautiful, and even sexy.  Today, pregnant women are even prouder of their “bumps,” showing them off in revealing maternity wear instead of hiding them under layers of drapey fabric and cutesy prints.  And while celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Whitherspoon are certainly leading this trend, they’re not alone.  All kinds of mothers-to-be are showing off their curves in clingy tops and dresses, and the sight of a pregnant woman in a bikini is no longer regarded as shocking. 
The fact is, pregnancy really does make a woman more beautiful -- and not just because of the miracle of life growing inside of her.  That tiny life actually does certain, specific things to the body that enhance a woman’s beauty.  Increased hormones and blood flow give pregnant skin that “glowing” look you might have heard about.  Many pregnant women notice that their hair is thicker and more lustrous than in their pre-pregnancy days, and their fingernails grow longer and stronger. 
Commonly, pregnancy carries with it back pain or hip pain. Dealing with aches and pains can really cut into enjoying this exciting time in your life. Staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy helps decrease or prevent the pain now, and makes your postpartum recovery faster and easier. There are certain exercises a pregnant woman shouldn't do but there are plenty you can do that will make you feel better. Our pregnancy and postpartum programs are designed with you and your health and comfort in mind.
If you’re pregnant, don’t forget to enjoy this very special time in your life to the fullest.  Whether you flaunt it in a bikini or prefer a more modest style, now is your time to rock that bump – and celebrate the beautiful woman you are and the mother you’re about to become.

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