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Staying Motivated To Work Out

on Tuesday, 04 November 2014. Posted in Doctor of Fitness, Fitness

Thick cobwebs are growing over the treadmill you bought last year. Your New Year’s resolutions, with all their fitness goals, have fallen by the wayside. Working out regularly is something that is easier said than done. Here are some ideas to keep you going when life starts to get in the way.

  • Don’t reward the result, reward the action. Rather than being discouraged that you can’t buy the new jeans because you haven’t lost the 20 pounds yet, buy a one-size fits all treat like new earrings or a pair of shoes when you’ve reached your workout goal. 
  • Treat yourself while you workout. No, that doesn’t mean heading for the nearest fast food shack. Instead, you can listen to your favorite songs or an audio book from your favorite author. Grudgingly going off to exercise now becomes stepping out to get reacquainted with a beloved classic.
  • Workout with a friend or family member. Exercising can often be a lonely experience, so why not bring a friend? A workout buddy can make exercising seem less like a grind and more like hanging out with a friend. They can help push you and in turn, you can help them along as well.

The treadmill doesn’t have to gather dust. Often the key to keeping a regular workout schedule is finding new ways to make it interesting and more importantly, fun!

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