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Want less holiday stress?

on Tuesday, 18 December 2012. Posted in Holiday Nutrition

The holidays don’t need to take a toll on your health.
Here are 10 practical ideas and some fun ones that work to reduce your stress during a high-stress season, so you can enjoy your holidays, your family, and yourself.
  1. Keep a check on over-commitment and over-spending.
  2. Balance work, home, and play.
  3. Laugh! Tell a joke, join a laugh yoga class, get silly with your kids.
  4. Get support from family and friends.
  5. Practice deep breathing techniques. They short-circuit your stress.
  6. Practice time management.
  7. Hug a puppy!
  8. Keep a relaxed and positive outlook.
  9. Get moving - virtually any kind of physical exercise will do.
  10. Listen to the Center for Disease Control’s holiday song: Believe it or not, the government wrote a holiday song and sings it here just for you!

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