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Nutrition for Kids

Get Out And Play - The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

In this article I want to discuss the disturbing increase in childhood obesity in the United States. There are some frightening numbers being mentioned with regards to the growing number of children who are obese. Fifteen percent of children aged 6 to 19 are obese which means their BMI (Body Mass Index) is above the 95th percentile for their age.1 The Bogalusa Heart study showed that nearly 90% of kids less than eight years old who are overweight become obese adults.2 And as every day passes those figures, like the waistlines of America’s youth get bigger and bigger.

Sugar – The Root Of All (Nutritional) Evil

I imagine that no one reading this is going to be shocked at the basic message of this nutrition article – sugar is unhealthy for you. Hopefully, some of the facts and numbers that are shared will illustrate just how poor our eating habits in the United States are today.

The Beauty of Oatmeal

Since it is quite true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I decided to start by sharing some of my oatmeal recipes. So stop having breakfasts of coffee and donuts, or coffee and bagels, and start eating healthier.

Oatmeal is an incredible food. Of course I am referring to the whole rolled oats, or steel cut oats, and not the instant, loaded with sugar varieties. Below is a comparison between a typical sugar-laden instant oatmeal, whole rolled oats oatmeal, and steel cut oats oatmeal.