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Sports & Injury Programs

Sports & Injury Programs

Personal customized recovery, rehab, and ramp-up programs for the injured or underperforming athlete.

Peak performance.

As a amateur or professional athlete, your goal is to play the best you can at all times. To win or help your team win. When you're not playing your best, it can be hard to see through the dust to the root cause. At Doctor Of Fitness, you'll train with peak performance as your focus.

Your custom program is designed to maximize your strengths, limit risk of injury, and teach you ways to work around or minimize your challenges. No athlete will ever be perfect at everything. Everyone is unique and your training focuses on your uniqueness and your goals.

Healing now.

Amateur and professional athletes have strong bodies molded and trained for peak performance. As an athlete, you have unique needs in the rehab process. You want to heal from your injury quickly and get back on the field, track, or court as soon as possible.

We'll help you do that. You'll work directly with Dr. Mancini, Board Certified Sports Medicine physician and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and an athlete himself. It doesn't get better than that.

No injury later.

As important as getting back to your playing fitness level is the critical need to reduce the risk of injury in the future. If your body isn't strong and flexible in all the right places, you are at risk for re-injury or a different injury. Sports injuries slow down your progress and ability to play. The worst scenario is when the injury is career-ending.

Rehabbing well now and training to lower your risk of future injuries are critical to playing the sport you love. You'll play better and longer when you learn to understand and respect your body for its strengths and limitations.

Training correctly is your priority both now and later.