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Are You Getting Your 10,000 Steps?

on Tuesday, 04 September 2018. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

They say a journey begins with a single step, but what about 10,000 of them in one day? Sounds like a lot, but 10,000 could be the most important number in your journey to a healthy lifestyle. As strange as it may feel to find yourself pacing in your living room late at night to get in those last few steps, there are many great reasons for them.

Even though it may not feel like ‘real’ exercise, those 10,000 steps add up. Getting those steps in every day is the equivalent of getting five 30-minute workouts a week. It strengthens your heart and lowers your cholesterol. It lets you stay physically active. An interesting fact is that calories aren’t absorbed the same way in people who exercise. Studies have found that if you’re physically active, calories are more likely to be burned off or converted to muscle whereas if you’re spending time on the couch binge-watching, they’re likely to be converted to fat.

Getting those steps in is also easier on your joints than running, meaning you’re less likely to suffer an injury that throws your whole fitness routine off. And if that weren’t enough, 10,000 is pretty cheap, too. You don’t need an expensive gym membership to get your steps. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a positive attitude.

So whether you measure your steps using a pedometer or a fancy app on your phone, make the number 10,000 a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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