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Intentional Wellness

on Tuesday, 27 February 2018. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

This time of year, coming down with some illness seems inevitable, doesn’t it? It just seems a matter of time until it finds you. Well, there’s nothing inevitable about it, and staying healthy doesn’t have to be a matter of luck. It’s called ‘Intentional Wellness.’ Here are some ways to practice it:

Get a flu-shot. It may seem obvious, but too many people pass on this first line of defense. A flu shot can significantly reduce your chances of getting sick. It becomes even more critical if you frequently come into contact with young children, the elderly or other vulnerable groups.

Wash your hands. Again, it’s another obvious one, but one that gets overlooked in the rush of the day. Hand washing helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, and is particularly important whenever you eat or touch your nose or mouth, or use the restroom.

Bundle Up. Yes, bulky sweaters and coats may be unfashionable, but so is sitting home in bed with a half-empty box of tissues. Research has shown that warmer body temperatures can prevent the spread of the common cold virus.

Get enough sleep. If you’re tired and groggy, chances are your immune system is too. A few nights of shortened sleep cycles can quickly wear your body down and put a serious damper on your immune system.

Don’t stress out. Prolonged exposure to even low levels of stress can put a strain on your body and, of course, every system in it. Since you can’t always avoid stress, find ways to help combat it like aromatherapy, a brisk workout or meditation.

Good health is a matter of good habits rather than good luck, so practice these habits for a safe and healthy winter.

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