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Spring Exercise Series: What You’ll Need to Get Started

on Tuesday, 26 March 2019. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

Last week, we talked about the best ways to get your workout groove back. To be your best, you’ll need the proper equipment. Here are some things to consider.

Buy new shoes. Since your feet are guaranteed to touch the ground at some point during your workout, your shoes are possibly the most important piece of exercise equipment you have. If there’s one area to splurge on, it’s this. Get good shoes that are designed for the job. Your feet, your back and every other part of your body will thank you.

Update your wardrobe. Spring is a new season, and what better way to start a new you than with a new look. Clean out those dingy cotton t-shirts and replace them with some colorful and breathable modern fabrics. It’s not just about fashion either, as many types of support equipment, such as sports bras, only have a usable life of about six months or so.

Don’t forget your skin. It’s only spring, so you’re not thinking about sunburn just yet. But you should be. Since the leaves haven’t come out yet, shade can be hard to come by. That means your skin is at more risk than you think. Use a waterproof lotion of at least 15 SPF on all the exposed areas of your body.

In the next part of our series, we’ll be delving into the proper nutrition you’ll need to stay at the top of your game. But in the meantime, it’s finally Spring. Get out there and enjoy it!

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