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Thank You, Veterans

on Tuesday, 06 November 2018. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

These days, many of us see Veteran’s Day on the calendar and either get ready to enjoy a three-day weekend or look with envious eyes at those who can. One hundred years ago, things were a lot different.

After four long years of mud, blood and death, World War I had finally come to an end. The formerly picturesque European landscape was now a barren, pitted wasteland. Exhausted soldiers, battered by their experience in the trenches, celebrated an end to the fighting. From these grim battlefields came a day of remembrance known first as Armistice Day, and then later as Veteran’s Day.

Since then, veterans of all stripes have fought valiantly in America’s armed conflicts and kept our country secure in peacetime. Here are a few ways you can say thanks:

  • Check out the Veteran’s Day events in your area and get out to show your support. You can wear a button, wave a flag or just stand quietly. Google this: “veterans events near me 2018.”
  • Take a moment to thank a veteran for his or her service. It only takes a few words to let them know you appreciate everything they do.
  • Make some time to listen. Many veterans are expert story tellers, and what they have to say may give you new insight into the world.
  • Share these Veteran’s Day discounts and benefits with your favorite veteran.

This year, make Veteran’s Day more than just a date on the calendar. And even if you don’t have a chance to get out, take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices veterans have made to keep our country safe.

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