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The Best Lemonade Ever

on Tuesday, 25 July 2017. Posted in Doctor of Fitness

If life gives you lemons… well, you know the rest. People quickly found lemonade was a great way to beat the heat, and from there it went on to become the summer classic we all know and love.

So how do you like your lemonade? If you’re looking for the best lemonade ever, or maybe a new twist, here are a few recipe ideas, all of them made from natural ingredients rather than concentrate.

Classic lemonade is pretty simple: just water, fresh lemons, sugar and some ice. The art comes in getting these ingredients blended together in just the right proportions, and these classic recipes from Taste of Home and Allrecipes do just that.

If you’re trying to cut down on the sugar, why not use a natural substitute? This orange lemonade recipe uses the naturally sweeter orange to do the job.

You don’t have to stop with oranges either. For something a little different, try adding some new flavors to create lavender or peach lemonade.

For a little extra kick, you can try sparkling ginger lemonade.

Want your lemonade to be patriotic as well as refreshing? This red, white and blue lemonade may be just the thing.

You can even get more exotic if you want with just a little bit of extra effort. J. Kenji López-Alt is the managing culinary director of Serious Eats, and has a few new takes on lemonade including spicy strawberry jalapeno lemonade and Brazilian lemonade.

With all these choices, you’re bound to find just the flavor for you. Have a great and refreshing summer!

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