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Athlete Peak Performance Program

Athlete Peak Performance Program

It doesn't matter if you are involved in elementary, high school, collegiate, or professional, or personal sports. Men and women, girls and boys, all strive to get better. You want to be the best you can be. That's an excellent goal. Unfortunately it's a difficult goal to achieve alone.
Becoming a top athlete requires that you understand the nuances of your sport as well as the nuances of your body. If you are only focusing on your own role or position in your sport, you are limiting yourself to being, at best, 'ok' at it.

Sports can be a great way to get in shape or stay that way. Having a specific goal can be a great motivator. Physically, you need strength and endurance. Your training will vary with your sport. You would not train the same way for pole vaulting as for swimming. You might, however, cross train. Cross training simply means that we will include a variety of fitness activities in your program. Research shows that cross training builds stronger bones.

In your Peak Performance custom program, you'll learn to listen to your body and treat it right. If you frequently feel exhausted or you are in pain, you may be overdoing it. Injuries can be the result. You'll learn to use your body and your equipment safely. You'll learn how to get the most out of it.

You'll learn how to eat and drink properly. Did you know that water is the most important nutrient for active people? Drink it before, during and after workouts. It would be nice and simple if water was all you needed for optimal sports nutrition but it's not. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fluids need to be balanced correctly for optimal performance, energy, and overall health.

Your Doctor Of Fitness Peak Performance program will incorporate all you need to learn and practice to be the absolute best you can be in your sport. Are you ready?

Details & Pricing

Personal Programs

All personal Athlete Peak Performance programs start with the Jumpstart Fitness Program. Following the Jumpstart Fitness Program, you'll continue on with the monthly program of your choice.
Each monthly Peak Performance program option includes one custom training program or program modification each month. Dr. Mancini creates your personal Peak Performance training programs for you with careful consideration of your fitness and health status at that time.

Choose the program option that suits you best:

  • 1 training session and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini

  • 2 training sessions and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini

  • 4 training sessions and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini

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