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Fitness Forever

Fitness Forever

You've finished your Jumpstart Fitness Program. Congratulations on a successful six-week start to better fitness!

You've taken a big step forward by committing to taking your personal fitness to a whole new level. Not only will your body be better toned and flexible, your health will benefit in the short-term AND the long-term.

The benefits from carefully-modulated, regular exercise are immense. Everyone is different, of course, but you most likely will see benefit in some or even all of these areas:

check mark Heart health

check mark Circulation

check mark Breathing & lung capacity

check mark Muscle tone and strength

check mark Joint flexibility

check mark Weight management

check mark Skin health

check mark Stress relief

check mark Restful sleep

check mark Balance and stamina

check mark Mindset and outlook

check mark Blood pressure

check mark Digestive health

The Fitness Forever is a continuing monthly program. You're in charge of how long you'll participate but we're pretty sure you'll stick with it because each month you'll see more and more benefit from the personally focused sessions and feedback with Dr. Mancini.*

Each monthly Fitness Forever Program includes:

  • Ongoing personal health and fitness re-assessment

  • Revised/updated custom fitness plan as indicated

  • 4 Semi-private coaching & training sessions with Dr. Mancini (5 sessions on 5-week months)

  • Biweekly feedback form

  • Unlimited email access to Dr. Mancini

 You don't have to be an athlete or a fitness junkie to want to be in better health and maintain your weight, all while looking better and feeling better. You deserve to be in the best possible health (and shape).

You only go around once so make the most of it!

*To realize even more benefit, many of our long-time clients integrate the Fitness Forever Program with one of our Nutrition programs.

Details & Pricing

All personal fitness training programs start with the Jumpstart Fitness Program. Following the Jumpstart Fitness Program, you'll continue on with the monthly program of your choice.
Each monthly fitness program option includes one custom training program or program modification each month. Dr. Mancini creates your personal fitness training programs for you with careful consideration of your fitness and health status at that time.

Choose the monthly program option that suits you best:

  • 1 training session and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini
  • 2 training sessions and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini
  • 4 training sessions and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini


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