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Women's 'Ride The Wave' Fitness Program

Women's 'Ride The Wave' Fitness Program

As a woman, you know that some weeks during the month it's way too hard to get moving. You feel sluggish, dragged down, even depressed. Your body feels bloated and like you are carrying the world on your back.

You know you should be working out, and deep down you want to, but going to the gym and doing the same thing you did last week just isn't possible.

What happens when your workout isn’t working out??

After years of caring for women of all ages in his family medicine practice, Dr. Mancini recognized the challenge women who are menstruating face when it comes to maintaining a regular fitness routine. So he created a very unique program just for women like you.

The Ride The Wave Fitness Program, created just for women of childbearing age, is designed specifically around ‘those weeks’ when working out, hard and fast, is too hard and stressful.

Each week in this unique monthly cycle program is customized to your personal rhythm. On your ‘up’ weeks, you get the most out of your custom fitness program. For your not-so-up weeks, Dr. Mancini tailors your program to support your body and mind through a focused process that works with your body’s natural rhythm, not against it.

No more feeling guilty or exhausted on your ‘off’ weeks because your workout isn’t working out!

Incorporating your custom Ride The Wave  Fitness Program into your monthly cycle will seem like a dream come true.

You’ll work together with Dr. Mancini is the exclusive Doctor of Fitness facility in semi-private or private sessions using the custom fitness program that he develops just for you and your health and fitness needs. Each week you’ll focus on the right fitness program appropriate for that particular week in your monthly menstrual cycle.

You’ll feel better physically, and you’ll feel better about yourself. It will seem so much easier and more natural to meet and maintain your fitness goals.

No matter what your age or life situation, if you dealing with your monthly cycle and trying to stay or get fit, this is the program for you.

Isn't it time to give yourself the gift of this unique for-women-only Ride The Wave Fitness Program that Dr. Mancini created and customizes just for you?

Details & Pricing

All personal fitness training programs start with the Jumpstart Fitness Program. Following the Jumpstart Fitness Program, you'll continue on with the monthly program of your choice.
Each monthly fitness program option includes one custom training program or program modification each month. Dr. Mancini creates your personal fitness training programs for you with careful consideration of your fitness and health status at that time.

Choose the monthly program option that suits you best:

  • 1 training session and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini
  • 2 training sessions and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini
  • 4 training sessions and 1 custom fitness program per month with Dr. Mancini

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